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Evripidis Bampis, Olivier Fourmaux
EIT-digital MS contacts at SU

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The CNI and VCC programs are Masters level program within the EIT Digital Master School. The Master School is a highly prestigious ICT engineering education provider on advanced level with a business minor focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E). These students will be an elite group of forthcoming ICT professionals. The unique features of this advanced level education are:

  • A standardized I&E minor.
  • Personal industrial relationships for the students, including industrial mentors and internships.
  • Thematic area grounding and utilization of resources from EIT Digital innovation activities.
  • Utilization of EIT Digital co-location center (CLC) resources.
  • Inter disciplinary and inter node teambuilding events.


    The first year is spent at one university (entry) and second year at another university (exit). There is a choice of 2-4 entry points and 4-6 exit points per technical major.

    The CNI or VCC program is a comprehensive combination of an I&E Minor (30 ECTS) and a Technical (major) (90 ECTS):

    • 10-15 ECTS mandatory courses ( ́common base ́)
    • 45-50 ECTS elective and specialized courses ( ́specialization ́)
    • 30 ECTS master ́s thesis project.

    All Master School education will be held in English and all partner universities are assumed to use ECTS units. Students will be subject to the regulations and procedures of the university where they attend courses and sit for examinations at a given semester. Students will be provided with the same resources and support services that are available to regular students at that university.

    Intended learning outcomes

    Each program offers learning outcomes, please visit the related links:

    Partners in the Consortium

    All involved University Parties are recognized degree awarding institutions. Each program consortium consist of a subset of EIT-digital partners and is also detailled in the related links :

    An EIT Digital technical major + I&E minor leads, upon successful completion, to two officially recognized Master of Science Degrees (120 ECTS) issued by the entry university and the exit university. A double degree will be awarded. The students are also awarded an EIT Label Certificate issued by EIT Digital. The Certificate is based on the two degrees issued by the partner institutions and summarizes the EIT label and EIT Digital Master School specific characteristics of the education. Program details (modules, courses) and individual grades/marks are described in the Degree Certificates/Official transcripts. Exceptions to this rule of awarding double degrees are possible but must be communicated to the affected students in a timely manner.