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Evripidis Bampis, Olivier Fourmaux
EIT-digital MS contacts at SU

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EIT digital students at SU

The EITdigital Master’s Programme in ICT Innovation is a European double degree programme for students who want to know both the technical and business aspects of information and communications technology. The programme syllabus binds together solid technical courses in computer science with business development skills. Backed by the EITdigital organisation of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), students who study during the programme at Sorbonne University will receive a double degree from both Sorbonne University and one of the partner universities including Aalto (Helsinki), TUB (Berlin), KTH (Stockholm), UNITN (Trento) and BME (Budapest).

Within the EITdigital Master’s Programme, Sorbonne University offers Technical Majors in

out of the 7 Technical Majors offered at other partner universities. Find out more about application from the programme's website.

Dedicated support provided to EITdigital Students students at Sorbonne University:

Guidance for preparation of their installation in Paris and visa procedures
Selected EITdigital students receive a Welcome Message from Sorbonne University with helpful information concerning the university, life in Paris, accommodation, visa procedures. This message contains also their local admission letter. Also they receive a Welcome Guide for International students from the university. They have a dedicated contact person for all questions regarding their studies at Sorbonne University.

Sorbonne University arranges accommodation for all EITdigital students and reserves rooms for them in a student residence at the Cité Internationale Universtaire de Paris. As the housing market for students is very difficult in Paris, this service is highly appreciated by the students.

Procedures for enrolment of the students
Sorbonne University organizes the procedures for the enrolment of these students, in order for them to come to the university in the best possible conditions.
The dedicated contact person for the student at the international office along with the department of computer science, handle the registration of the students at the central admission office, which is normally done by the students themselves.

Student Welcome
A Welcome Meeting for the EITdigital Master School students takes place at the beginning of the academic year. This event is an occasion for the students to get to know their professors, more details about their course programme as well as to get to know each other better and to exchange about their cultural and educational backgrounds, their first experience in France as well as their expectations.
Like all new students at Sorbonne University, the EITdigital Master School students participate in the official ”Welcome Day” to discover their university with its departments, associations, sports and cultural activities.

French as a Foreign Language courses
Basic language skills in French are indispensable for the success of the student’s integration at the host university and during their everyday life in France.
The EITdigital Master School students take French classes throughout the academic year. The level and type of classes are adapted to their need, which means that the French as a Foreign Language office creates a class for complete beginners in accordance with the EITdigital Master School student’s schedule and taught in small groups. Besides language skills (understanding and producing, writing and speaking), French and European civilization are also focused on during these classes.