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Prométhée Spathis
Head of the CNI program at SU

courriel :



Internet Protocols & Algorithm

/ Computer Networking


Person Responsible for Module (Name, Mail address):


Credit Points (ECTS): 6 Module-ID: MU4INX05
University: Sorbonne Université Department: Master Informatique

Prerequisites for Participation

Graduate in computer science, basic knowledge of computer networking.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully finished this module will be able to :

  • understand the architecture of the Internet and the design philosophy being TCP/IP protocol family;
  • make capture and analysis of network traffic;
  • understand the impact of applications on the network traffic, especially video streaming;
  • understand the dynamic of a TCP connection with a deep understanding of congestion control.
  • design a correct and optimised network addressing scheme;
  • make basic configuration of a switch and a router;
  • follow any advanced networking course...


  • Part 1/5 Introduction and motivation for a top-down approach to explore the Internet protocols.
  • Part 2/5 Application layer: remote login, file transfert, P2P, multimedia, video streaming, DNS, SNMP.
  • Part 3/5 Transport layer: services, UDP and TCP examples, congestion control, DCCP, SCTP, QUIC.
  • Part 4/5 Network layer: IPv4/v6, multicast, NAT, filtering, hierarchical routing, OSPF and BGP.
  • Part 5/5 Underliying layers : Switched Ethernet, point-to-point, local loop.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • 2h weekly hours lecture
  • 4h weekly hours integrated interactive tutorials (problem solving, assignments discussion, lab sessions)

Assessment and Grading Procedures

Mid-term written exam (40%), and Final written exam (60%). A makeup exam will be organized for those who failed the first session.

Workload calculation (contact hours, homework, exam preparation,..)

  • 6h weekly contact hours x 10 weeks = 60 h
  • 6h weekly hours preparation and afterwork x 10 weeks = 60 h
  • Exams preparation: 30 h
  • Total: 150 h

Frequency and dates

Offered every Fall semester:

  • Classes start mid-September and end mid-December;
  • Mid-semester exam around beginning of November;
  • Final exam at the beginning of January;
  • Makeup exam for those who failed the first session in June.

Max. Number of Participants


Enrolment Procedures

Request to the head of CNI program.

Recommended Reading, Course Material

  • James F. Kurose, Keith W. Ross "Computer Networking: A Top-down Approach Featuring the Internet", 7th edition (Pearson, 2016)
  • Andrew S. Tanenbaum, David J. Wetherall "Computer Networks", 5th edition (Prentice Hall, 2011)
  • Douglas Comer "Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol 1: Principles, Protocolsand Architectures", 6thedition (Prentice Hall, 2013)