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Prométhée Spathis
Head of the CNI program at SU

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Cloud Computing


Person Responsible for Module (Name, Mail address):


Credit Points (ECTS): 6 Module-ID: MU4INX30
University: Sorbonne Université Department: Master Informatique

Prerequisites for Participation

Graduate in computer science, basic knowledge of operarting system and computer networking

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully finished this module will be able to :

  • explain the goals, benefits and models of cloud computing, providing practical examples
  • describe the main components of cloud computing
  • design and conceive cloud services which operate reliably at scale
  • understand virtualization used in the cloud and apply this in practice
  • apply the fundamental principles of multi-tier web services in a cloud environment


Basically the content of this course will be:

  • Introduction to cloud computing principal, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Plateform as a Service), and Saas (Software as a Service), cloud computing architectures, cloud providers, etc.
  • Classical Distributed Algorithms applied to Clouds :
    • Logical Time in distributed systems (logical clocks)
    • Resource allocation and mutual exclusion
    • Broadcast protocols, membership, and synchronous view
  • Failures and fault tolerance
    • Unreliable Failure Detectors
    • Checkpoint and global state in distribute systems
  • Introduction to MPI
  • Implementation of the above distribuited algorithms in MPI
  • Courses with practical experiments: Virtualisation, Virtual machines and containers.
  • Amazon Cloud: Concepts and deploiment
  • Open Stack free open source: Deployment of Cloud Computing Service Infrastructure
  • Map Reduce: Programmong model and an associated implementation

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • 2h weekly hours lecture
  • 4h weekly hours integrated interactive tutorials (problem solving, assignments discussion, lab sessions)

Assessment and Grading Procedures

Mid-term written exam (40%), and Final written exam (60%)

Workload calculation (contact hours, homework, exam preparation,..)

  • 6h weekly contact hours x 10 weeks = 60 h
  • 6h weekly hours preparation and afterwork x 10 weeks = 60 h
  • Exams preparation: 30 h
  • Total: 150 h

Frequency and dates

Offered every Spring semester:

  • Classes start mid-January and end mid-April.
  • Mid-semester exam around beginning of March
  • Final exam at the beginning of May.
  • Makeup exam for those who failed the first session in June.

Max. Number of Participants


Enrolment Procedures

Request to the head of CNI program

Recommended Reading, Course Material