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Prométhée Spathis
Head of the CNI program at SU

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Internet Measurement 


Person Responsible for Module (Name, Mail address):


Credit Points (ECTS): 6 Module-ID: MU5IN066
University: Sorbonne Université Department: Master Informatique

Prerequisites for Participation

An introductory course in computer networking

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students who have successfully finished this module will be able to conduct measurements in the internet so as to better understand the structure of the network and diagnose problems in the network. Students will also be in a position to understand measurements that others provide. They will be better prepared for network management and also for scientific investigations of the network.


Each network operator in the Internet has exclusive control over its own equipment (routers, switches, and computers), whereas its customers' quality of experience depends in large part on the configuration of both neighboring networks and distant networks, as concerns routing, available bandwidth, end-to-end latency, and reliability. Also, network performance is impacted by user activity: the applications that users run and the data flows generated by those applications. Good network management practices, for routing, flow management, security, and capacity planning, depend upon a good understanding of the behaviour of one's own network as well as the behaviour of other networks, and this requires measurements. This course covers the measurements that can be conducted in local area networks, access networks, and transit networks. It covers the measurements that can be conducted at the network, transport, and application layers of the protocol stack, as well as at the MAC layer. Students learn to conduct measurements by using both active and passive measurement tools, with lab exercises deployed on large scale network testbeds.

Teaching and Learning Methods

  • 2h weekly hours lecture
  • 2h weekly hours integrated interactive tutorials (problem solving, assignments discussion, lab sessions)

Assessment and Grading Procedures

Mid-term written exam (40%), and Final written exam (60%)

Workload calculation (contact hours, homework, exam preparation,..)

  • 4h weekly contact hours x 14 weeks = 56 h
  • 5h weekly hours preparation and afterwork x 14 weeks = 70 h
  • Exams preparation: 24h
  • Total: 150 h

Frequency and dates

Offered every Fall semester:

  • Classes start mid-September and end end-January;
  • Mid-semester exam around beginning of November;
  • Final exam at the beginning of February;
  • Makeup exam for those who failed the first session in next September.

Max. Number of Participants


Enrolment Procedures

Request to the head of CNI program

Recommended Reading, Course Material

  • Internet measurement: Infrastructure, Traffic and Applications by Mark Crovella and Balachander Krishnamurthy (2006)