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Dominique Béréziat
Head of the VCC program at SU

courriel :



Seminar and project


Person Responsible for Module (Name, Mail address):

Florence Tupin,; Vannary Meas-Yedid,

Credit Points (ECTS): 6 Module-ID: MU5IN656
University: Sorbonne Université Department: Master Informatique


This course presents briefly a few topics not addressed in the other courses, in the form of seminars given by experts of the domain (from either the academy or the industry). It also includes a project done by the students, as an initiation to research work (critical bibliographical review, choice of a method, implementation and tests).

Intended Learning Outcomes

The students will discover new topics during the seminar. During the project, they will learn to do a bibliographical review, with a critical discussion, and to implement the most interesting ideas. They will also learn to choose the best method and to adapt it in order to solve a specific problem.


  • Examples of addressed topics: scientific visualization, remote sensing and radar imaging, biometry, ...
  • For the projects, a large spectrum of topics is offered to the students, covering the whole program and many applications (biomedical imaging, remote sensing, digital photography...).

Assessment and Grading Procedures

Report, code and oral presentation (100%)

Workload calculation (contact hours, homework, exam preparation,..)

  • 4h weekly contact hours x 15 weeks = 60 h
  • 4h weekly hours preparation and afterwork x 15 weeks = 60 h
  • Exams preparation: 30 h

Enrolment Procedures

Request to the head of VCC program