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Mme Sabiha Mikano-Fayette
Secrétariat du parcours RES
TOUR 25 - 2eme etage
couloir 24:25 - piece 221
Boite courrier 166
4 place Jussieu
75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

tél. : +33 (0)1 44 27 53 91

courriel :

The classical studying program is rewarded by the diploma " Master de Sciences et Technologies, mention Informatique, parcours Réseaux, de l’UPMC".

Course content for the computer networking specialization (NETWORKS) of UPMC’s Masters program in computer science (offered in English)

1st Year (M1)

The first year (M1 of NETWORKS) is characterized both by a complement on the fundamentals of the discipline and by an early specialization.

The year consists of two independent semesters (S1 and S2), insofar as they must be validated independently of each other. During each semester, the student must follow 5 Teaching Units (UEs), each UE corresponding to 60 teaching hours (generally 20 hours of course + 40 hours of tutorial/practical works) and worth 6 ECTS.

First semester (M1-S1)

In the semester M1-S1, the students follow 5 UEs:

  • COMNET (Computers Networks)
  • TELNET  (Telecommunication Networks)
  • DIGCOM (Digital Communications)
  • I&E (Innovation and Entrepreneurship )
  • BDL1 (Business Developpement Lab)

The illustration of the UE of S1 is shown below:



Second semester (M1-S2)

In the M1-S2 semester, students also follow 5 UEs:

  • PROJECT (Group practical work)
  • NETMod (Networks Modelisation)
  • WiMOB (Wireless and Mobility)
  • IROUT (Internet Routing)
  • NETProg (Networks Programming)
The illustration of the UE of S2 is shown below:



2nd Year (M2)

The aim of the second year is to give students specialized skills in the field of networks and telecommunications.

The second year is composed of twoindependent semesters (S3 and S4), insofar as they must be validated independently of each other.

Third semester (M2-S3)

In the M2-S3 semester, students also follow 5 UEs:

  • ANET (Autonomic Networks)
  • METHOD (Methodology for Research in Networking)
  • NETMET (Network Metrology)
  • NSD (Networks : Structure and Dynamics)
  • SMS (Smart Mobility Systems)

The illustration of the UE choice of S3 is shown below:



Fourth semester (M2-S4)

During the S4, the student carries out an internship of at least 5 months and starts at the beginning of February. The UE internship worth 24 ECTS, the remaining 6 ECTS integrate the results of the UE FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and those of the IP UE (Professional Insertion).


Target Audience and Prerequisites

UPMC’s computer science Masters degree is aimed at students holding a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or the equivalent (“licence d’informatique” in French).

The prerequisites for the NETWORKS specialization are Bachelor’s level networking concepts, as well as a good knowledge of operating systems and programming techniques (for applications, both local and distributed). In addition, a basic knowledge of computer architecture is recommended.


Applications are managed with all the other courses of the Computer Science Master's Degree (see page « Candidature Master »).


Kim-Loan THAI

Sebastien BAEY